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27 Jan CAREER CONNECT meeting for MSc/PhD/post-docs and IMG: MD/DVS/DDS/PharmD Meet a SrCRA, MITACS and the top recruiting company Michael Page on Thursday, Feb.15-th from 6:00 PM in the Atrium at suite #101, 405 Ogilvy av. /metro Parc

Interested to switch to the clinical trials regulatory affairs of the pharmaceutical industry? Meet an international life science recruiting company, recently established in Montreal, and learn how Mitacs funded research internships help to build partnerships between academia, industry, and the world ...

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24 Dec Joint Post-New Year celebration party of BioTech Annecto and CRA School – Open Networking Event to meet recruiters, CRA mentors and CRO managers

 . BioTech Annecto Montreal partners with CRA School and Access Pharma Group to welcome you at a special networking party and kick-off the New Year by exploring new research opportunities !  . We are pleased to announce a presentation given by Kevin Chen, CEO and Co-founder at Hyasynth...

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CRC ships samples

19 Nov Nouveau certificat en recherche clinique avec stage et mentorat pour Coordinateurs et Assistants de recherche cliniques

. (English message follows) . Le Groupe Accès Pharma offre une formation qualifiante bilingue dispensée en classe, avec stage non-rémunéré en CRO  et mentorat jusqu’à l’embauche dans le carde de son Programme d’insertion en emploi en recherche clinique pour les nouveaux arrivants avec diplômes universitaires. . Le programme prépare des...

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28 Oct Consult a mentor: On Thu, Nov.2nd a seasoned SrCRA will speak about the difficult questions asked at the final stage of the CRA interviews to help aspiring CRAs in their career change

. . New: A CRA Mentorship program of CRA School-Montreal . MEET A MENTOR: a series of consultations and workshops in the frame of the new program Clinical Research Insertion and Mentoring . Meet a SrCRA every Thursday evening to ask your questions  . 1-st presentation, open to the public:  .     CRA tasks and...

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22 Oct Roles and responsibilities of the Principal Investigator, the CRC and the CRA, and the typical questions asked in CRA interviews

. Seminar :   Roles & responsibilities of the Principal Investigator, the CRC and the CRA .   November 9-th (Thursday) from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM 405 Ogilvy avеnue, suite #101 (behind métro Du Parc) . Come to meet a seasoned Principal Investigator, an experienced Clinical Research Coordinator and two Senior Clinical...

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opening doors


. The weekly  OPEN DOORS TO CLINICAL RESEARCH JOBS moved into a nice new place in the beautiful blue building of the Computer Research Institute of Montreal (C.R.I.M.) on 405 Ogilvy Avenue, suite #101, Montreal, QC, H3N 1M3, right aside of the metro station Du Parc on...

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18 Sep VOUS ETES MÉDECIN ? Diversifiez vos revenus en participant dans des études cliniques sur les nouveaux médicaments

. Séminaire Rôle et responsabilités d'un Médecin-Investigateur Principal dans les essais cliniques des nouveaux médicaments et appareils médicaux non-approuvés. . VOUS ETES MÉDECIN? Avez-vous déjà participé à des essais cliniques? Êtes-vous intéressé à diversifier vos revenus en faisant des études cliniques pour l'industrie pharmaceutique? . Venez rencontrer et poser vos questions...

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23 Jul Last OPEN DOORS to Clinical Research & RA jobs for this summer: Learn how to get jobs in this rewarding field still this fall. We will open the doors for you

   . Last OPEN DOORS to Clinical Research and Clinical Regulatory Affairs jobs at 6767 ch. Cote-des-neiges, room 601-1 : Wednesday, July 26-th, 6:00 to 8:00 PM     Come to learn how we can help getting a job in this rewarding field still this fall through the new Triple CRA/CRC/CDM Certification...

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training formateur

03 Jul Triple CCRP Certification (CRA/CRC/CDM) & RA Clinical Research On-boarding Bridge Program

. Press release   New Triple CCRP certificate   Working with Electronic Data Capture & Clinical Trial Management Systems (EDC/CTMS) for remote access to electronic databases has become a major hiring criterion today. To increase the eligibility of its students, CRA School expanded its CCRP Bridge Program for Certified Clinical...

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21 Apr Cours en classe bilingue sur les Bonnes Pratiques Cliniques des essais cliniques au Canada et É.U. (ICH GCP E6, E2, E8, 21 CFR)

. Pour faciliter l'accès aux professions d'assistants et coordinateurs de recherche clinique, Le Centre de formation en recherche clinique du Groupe Accès-Pharma organise un cours d'été bilingue sur les Bonnes Pratiques Cliniques (BPC), dispensé tout d'abord en français, spécialement conçu pour des candidats qui préfèrent apprendre...

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05 Mar Programme de bénévolat en recherche clinique

* Vous cherchez une opportunité enrichissante en recherche clinique? Pour ses projets en développement, notre équipe de recherche clinique en croissance permanente est à la recherche d’individus brillants, innovateurs et polyvalents, qui aimeraient faire un peu de bénévolat à temps partiel au sein de notre équipe d’essais...

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07 Feb Venez voir nos formations avec stages en recherche clinique, assurance qualité et pharmacovigilence au Salon de l’intégration et de l’insertion professionnelle

    Voulez vous travailler en recherche clinique, affaires réglementaires ou pharmacovigilence?   LES CHOSES ONT CHANGÉ UN PEU DEPUIS.   VENEZ VOIR NOS PROGRAMMES UNIQUES* DE FORMATIONS AVEC STAGES ET AIDE AU PLACEMENT ALLANT JUSQU'À L'EMBAUCHE!   KIOSQUE 152, SALON DE L’INTÉGRATION ET DE L’INSERTION PROFESSIONNELLE   9 février , jeudi de 11:00 h à 18:00...

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CT - Phase I

01 Feb OPEN DOORS to clinical research, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance and several other jobs

* THE WEDNESDAYS THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE   Free consultations on the clinical research,  regulatory affairs & pharmacovigilance jobs are provided by the Access-Pharma Group every Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at 6767 ch. de la Cote-des-neiges, Room 601 Summary of all job opportunities presented at the Pharma Careers Days...

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22 Jan Pharmacolloque 2017 – Unpopular but rewarding professions and career opportunities in the clinical trials industry and in the last phases of drug development

    There is a big number of largely unknown career opportunities in the last phases of drug development - the clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance. Some of them have been presented on Jan. 14, 2017 at the Pharmacolloque 2017 in MgGill University. Click on the slide...

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07 Nov Visit us at our stand at the BioConnect 2016 annual symposium “From bench to bedside” on November 18th, Friday, from 9:30 AM

* The McGill Biotechnology Graduate Students Society will be holding its sixth annual BioConnect symposium this year under the theme “From Bench to Bedside” to explore the practical applications of biotechnology research, as well as the importance of complementary fields such as commercialization, marketing, intellectual property, and...

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29 Oct Transnational Research in Canada and US

. BioTech Annecto Montreal is pleased to announce a presentation given by Martin Letendre, LLB, LLM, Managing Director, Veritas IRB Inc. titled:   "Lost in Translation" - Conducting Transnational Research in Canada and the United States   Although Canada has a long history of research collaboration with the United States,...

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29 Oct Upcoming CRAC TORONTO Event – AE Management Dinner meeting

 . CRAC TORONTO Dinner meeting Date: Nov. 10th, 2016, Thursday Topic: AE Management During Non-interventional Studies On November 10th Miranda Dollen, VP Pharmacovigilance at Mapi Group, will provide an overview of the current status and discuss practical implementation of adverse event requirements in non-interventional studies. Don't wait, save your spot today!...

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