About Us

Access Pharma

Access Pharma is a scientific pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredient supplier and distributor and a strategic partner of a pharmaceutical holding located in Turkey which is included an R&D center as well. Our R&D center consists of several experts and qualified chemists and pharmacists along with the state-of-the-art laboratory and R&D equipment. This center is responsible for the following activities:


•  Controlling the quality of the samples we get and have to send to our customers as well as checking the conformity of them with the supplier’s COA
•    Modifying and proposing new formulations in Nutraceutical sector
•    Offering production routes in API sector
•    Proposing appropriate materials in regard with the required indications 

Furthermore, Access Pharma is seriously engaged in supplying raw materials of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries from the best, world-class companies and distributing these products to API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), FDF (Finished Dosage Formulation) and Nutraceutical manufacturers. We really do care about every stage of the process, from initial enquiry to final delivery.

Based on our values, which are commitment and honesty, social responsibility, teamwork, experience, quality, creativity and productivity, we continuously evaluate our performance by collecting market information and data. Through this process, we succeed in gaining the trust and satisfaction of our customers on the one hand and suppliers on the other.

We are really proud of our mission to always help to improve the quality of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products by providing high-quality raw materials, using the latest technical know-how in the world with the most appropriate prices from the world's top brands and technical and professional support to our esteemed customers.