Pharmaceutical excipients are substances that are included in a pharmaceutical dosage form not for their direct therapeutic action, but to aid the manufacturing process, to protect, support or enhance stability, or for bioavailability or patient acceptability. They may also assist in product identification and enhance the overall safety or function of the product during storage or use.

Ideal Excipient Properties :
•    Stable and Reproducible
•    No unwished interaction with drug
•    Pharmacologically inert
•    Desired functionality
•    Cost effective

Excipients have different roles in a formulation. Some of the major ones can be:
•    To Aid in the processing of the drug delivery system during its manufacture
•    To Protect, support, or enhance stability, bioavailability, or patient acceptability,
•    To Assist in product identification, and enhance any attribute of the overall safety
•    To Assist in the effectiveness and/or delivery of the drug in use
•    To Assist in maintaining the integrity of the drug product during storage


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