Nutritional and Dietary Supplements

Nutritional and Dietary Supplements

Nutritional supplements are a kind of products which used for many purposes. They can be added to the diet to boost overall health and energy; to provide immune system support and reduce the risks of illness and age-related conditions; to improve performance in athletic and mental activities; and to support the healing process during illness and disease. 

These group of products contain the following substances:

- Vitamins and pro-vitamins (such as vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid and beta-carotene)

- Minerals and trace elements (such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc)

Nutritional and Dietary Supplements
Nutritional and Dietary Supplements

- Vitamin-like substances (such as coenzyme Q10)

- Fatty acids (such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids)

- Protein components (such as L-cysteine and L-carnitine)

- Carbohydrates (such as the fiber oligofructose)

- Other ingredients like brewer's yeast, algae and probiotics


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